It’s that time of year when we are all looking towards the holidays and taking time off with friends and family to enjoy the weather. We vacation to take a mental break from the everyday routine of life, kick back and enjoy.

No chores, alarm clock or agenda!

When was your last holiday?

Have you planned your vacation or stay-cation yet?

As you sit by the pool, lake or on the patio here is a list of a few things that you may wish to consider and incorporate into your time on vacation:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast
2. Keep hydrated
3. Eat mindfully; nourish your body with healthy food choices
4. Get plenty of sunshine, wear sunscreen
5. Get enough sleep
6. Walk regularly
7. Engage in “fun” exercise
8. Practise random acts of kindness
9. Encourage the art of appreciation and gratitude
10.Nurture relationships with friends and family

I bet you’ve read the list and realize that it’s all common sense; and it is… but, how many of us forget to do a few things found on the list?

Have you ever noticed when you come back from holidays you have a new perspective.  It creates an opportunity to reconnect with our core values and purpose.  It may even give you the chance to make a few lifestyle changes when you return to the daily routine of life.

I have found that even a long weekend is liberating, it encourages a whole new sense of adventure.

No matter what you choose to do; taking our vacation will be a great way to take a break from our usual routine and just “be.”  Sometimes I think that we are so focused on the busy pace of life that we actually don’t remember what it feels like from year to year to not wake up to the alarm clock.  This simple step may be very liberating…

Whether you are enjoying the sites in the city in which you live or if you’ve decided to venture further away, this time of year encourages rest and relaxation.

We will get back to the chores, alarm clock and agenda soon enough.

Life is busy, technology keeps us on our toes and I think the challenge may be for us to simply enjoy the dog days of summer…

Enjoy the sun and take a break. 

You deserve this!

“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker, sharing stories to inspire great ideas 
while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is Managing Partner in The Mechanics of FLOW2, online resources for You and Your Growing Business and host of the Share Your Story blog series. She is the author of two books and a complimentary e-magazine, W2.
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