1) Tell us a little something about your business…
My parents were freaks. There were signs everywhere in the house: “You can do this”, “You are awesome”, etc. On Sundays, we did not have to go to church. Instead, we had to sit down in the living room and listen to motivational tapes from Og Mandino and Zig Ziglar. 32 years ago, I found fitness to be a great platform to be able to help people with fitness classes, personal 
 training and nutrition. One day, I realized that my clients that were successful, were not because I was giving them a better kale salad recipe or because I was showing them a better way to squat. It was because they were starting to change the way they were thinking. And I thought: “Is this a thing? Can people change the way they think?”

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
I started to get very excited about this. I read hundreds of books, I studied the brain and I got a master in a neuroscience. About 12 years ago, I started to create a step-by-step-system to help people change the way they think using the brain’s neurological levels. I was a one woman show for a long time, decided that this material was pretty awesome and I thought I would create a bigger platform for it. 11 books later, including 8 International No.1 Best Sellers, after a decade of conferences and transforming hundreds of thousands of lives, I created the Academy in order duplicate the reach of my message. The THINK Yourself® ACADEMY and now the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY for KIDS has trainers across Canada delivering leading edge online and live courses, trainings and events.The brain is the most complex structure in the Universe. I exist to share this passion, eliminate negative self-talk so that you can live to your full potential.

3) Three words of advice…
You Got This! You have everything you need inside you. Trust yourself, you are very 
 resourceful, astonishingly powerful and you will figure it out!

You Got This!


Founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Speaker, Publisher, Master Life Coach and No.1 International Best-Selling Author of 11 books on wellness and empowerment, Nathalie 
 combines 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was “Fitness Instructor of the Year” for Canada. She uses processes learned from her Master in Neurosciences in her practice as a Master Life Coach and Executive Coach to reprogram your brain to end self-sabotage and live to your full potential. ”You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. Somehow, Nathalie can. www.thinkyourself.com


“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”