1) Tell us a little something about Lumehra…
My journey began with the simple idea of designing a product to address the lack of time I had as a new parent. As a first-time mom, working full-time within the corporate world and trying to balance family time, I realized that I was spending a significant amount of time on daily tasks which were very inefficient. I realized there was a lack of products which helped save time and money. I focused on laundry and realized the entire process of doing laundry has not changed for decades, it’s time-consuming and inefficient. I wanted to design and develop a product which would replace multiple laundry items and still be used for other needs. This led me to develop the FlexBag. The design and functionality of the FlexBag allows you to replace
multiple laundry items and still use the FlexBag for more than just laundry. I wanted the
FlexBag to be efficient, time-saving and cost saving, a bag which can be used from laundry to travel to a trunk organizer for kid’s items to a beach bag to anything I need.

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
My first prototype of the FlexBag was made from canvas material which I glued to make the shape of what I envisioned. Five prototypes later, I had a workable, patentable design. Throughout the process, I never focused on starting a company, rather creating bag for me and my family. It’s only when I showed the prototype to other parents, I realized most families were searching for the same thing, quality time with their families. Time is an element, we cannot get more of, so why aren’t products we buy focused on helping us at home?  In 2017, I left my corporate position and started LUMEHRA, with the focus of developing products designed to help families save time and money.  

3) Three words of advice…
Three words of advice that I can offer emerging entrepreneurs is know your worth.
Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely path, you will be tested many times on the path of achieving your goals. If you know your worth (your value, your abilities), you will be able to
maneuver obstacles, learn and grow from challenging situations.


Know Your Worth


Anu Luthra is an entrepreneur, inventor, CEO and founder of LUMEHRA.
Anu started LUMEHRA in 2017 wit
h the idea of developing innovative, problem-solving products for busy families. As more families lead busier and busier lives, our quality family time is decreasing. She developed the FlexBag to help make daily tasks more efficient, so families can focus on spending time together.
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“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”