1)   Tell us a little something about Raiz…
Raiz supplies a line of healthy, coffee-alternative drinks made with adaptogens (superfoods) that provide natural energy and immune-boosting properties. The ingredients we use, such as matcha, moringa, turmeric and chaga mushrooms are all nutritional powerhouses and won’t leave you with the dreaded 3pm crash. After finishing my degree in holistic nutrition, I traveled to Portugal to visit my grandmother, who can no longer drink coffee due to the negative side effects, she — like many others — experienced after consumption (jitters, upset stomach, dehydration). However, as most grandparents do, she had a large threshold of knowledge, and introduced me to herbs and roots she used as coffee-alternatives. The first one was chicory root, which has a bitter, earthy note  when roasted, similar to coffee. This is an ingredient that you will find in one of our flavours. 

2)   When was your lightbulb moment?
I knew that I wanted to create something in the health and wellness field, and after studying to become a certified nutritionist, I was sure that my passion laid in consumer product goods. When I came back from Portugal, chicory root in hand, I found a real lack of ready-to-drink products that provided energy — but that we’re also healthy, low in sugar, not overly caffeinated, and used the power of adaptogens. I knew in that moment that there was something to be done, and I am so excited to educate and share what I have learned on how we may all incorporate adaptogens in our lives. 

3)  Three words of advice…OK 7…
1) Just Start. There are many reasons not to take the risk, a big part of that – fear of the unknown; but if you have a burning idea or passion just start. Make a first step, sooner or later you’ll realize that you are making moves and your business is coming to life.  2) Take care of Yourself. Nothing is more important than your health. Eat well, don’t compromise on sleep, drink lots of water, move your body and spend time with loved ones – I wholly believe that being a well-rounded person makes you a better business person.  3) Connect. Participate in as many networking events as you can, talk to your competitors and learn from people that have done it before. A good rule of thumb is to never leave a meeting without another contact. 

Just Start…Take Care of Yourself…Connect 

Sofia da Silva is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Raiz.
A company supplying coffee-alternatives made w
ith adaptogens to provide natural energy and immune boosting properties. She has taken her passion for health and the power of food and turned it into a business. She is excited to launch her products in 2019 and continue to educate consumers about superfoods.   Visit drinkkariz.com for updates!


“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”