1) Tell us a little something about your business…
In providing services and products through both of my companies, the overall goal is to help business get the most out of their space. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, often in our work environments. Through innovative interior design we aim to support businesses in creating spaces that; reflect their brand, attract and retain ideal customers and partners, support their teams and ultimately promote well-being.

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
My decisions to become an entrepreneur was more a series of small glimmers, than an obvious “lightbulb” moment. I grew up in a family business, but it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I really noticed the culmination of intrapreneurial and leadership roles throughout my life. Once I realized that I was more focused on the businesses that I was working for than the technical skills I had acquired, I knew it was time to take the leap.

3) Three words of advice…

I have always been motivated by the mission of making a positive impact through the pursuit my passions. Having passion makes us focused and driven, however it is also important to embrace the reality that we are ever changing as individuals. Innovation, is how I identify with growth- it is the constant evolution of ourselves, our gifts and our passions. Impact, on myself and the world around me, is how I evaluate my ideas and the direction in which I am “growing,” as a professional.

Passion… Innovation… Impact


Erika MacKay is an Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, and Educator, focused on creating innovative spaces that reflect her clients, while supporting the well-being and 
connection clients and staff alike. She is also co-founder of Hamilton Fempreneurs, a community of women in business- check us out on facebook!
www.nichefordesign.com and www.hamiltonofficepro.com

“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”