1) Tell us a little something about your business…
Lisa McDonald is a serial solopreneur who wears many hats, for many people! In 
addition to being a successful author of both adult and children’s books, a sought out coach mentor, speaker, blogger for Arianna Huffington’s Site Thrive Global…Lisa is more notably known on the global stage for her top rated weekly radio/podcast show, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Lisa consistently showcases notable, household named Influencers, Experts, Leaders, and Agents of Change including Daymond John from Shark Tank, Deepak Chopra, Leeza Gibbons, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Jack Canfield, Jay Shetty, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daughter, Serena Dyer, Zig Ziglar’s Don, Tom Ziglar and so many others!

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
Lisa has always been fiercely committed to, and immersed in, the world of personal growth and personal development. Lisa decided to take her once-upon-a-time transferable skills of working as a Senior Manager/Director in Social Services – Crisis Management specifically, and chose to impart her message of Living Fearlessly with the collective across all four corners of the globe.  Lisa decided to make this leap of faith into the realm of Entrepreneurship in 2012, when working for herself became the best viable option for she and her children when becoming a single, stay at home Mum to her two beautiful children!

3) Three words of advice…
Lisa’s advice is the same as her mission! Lisa McDonald’s purpose is to Uplift You To Fear Less And To Live More!

Fear Less and Live More!


Lisa McDonald is EMPOWERING business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs to transform their lives, achieve their goals and turn their dreams into realities by walking the talk and approaching life, love, and work with FEARLESS gratitude, enthusiasm, and hope. Visit Lisa : www.livingfearlesslywithlisa.com


“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”