1) Tell us a little something about your journey…
I’m honoured to make a difference in the lives of women through the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Coaching Program. I specialize in helping women recover from narcissistic abuse and claim their power to create the abundant and fulfilling life they deserve. I also support entrepreneurs who are inspired to build a successful coaching business of their own.
My journey began after I experienced divorce, burnout and life-threatening depression. I overcame my fears by taking risks to empower myself and created a life of purpose I love. I’m inspired to help other women do the same.
I believe powerful coaching is essential to mirror back to my clients the choices they’re making that are not serving them while listening, guiding and supporting them to learn and grow into their highest and best version.

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
My lightbulb moment occurred when I realized that my “dark night of the soul” experience was not a breakdown but actually a breakthrough opportunity to create a beautiful new life. I have witnessed countless women share their innermost feelings and experiences and realize many of us are facing similar illusions and obstacles to happiness.
As I became conscious that many women all over the world are going through comparable challenges, I saw the need for women such as myself, who have triumphantly come out the other side, to help encourage and guide those who are struggling on their own journey.

3) Three words of advice…
I believe we each have a special gift to offer the world and in order to do so and be fully expressed, we must first heal ourselves to break the cycle. It is my passion to mentor women who are motivated and determined to rise and live healthy, wealthy and wise so they can live their best life and thrive.

Faith…Courage …Mentor


Gina Papanou is an Author, Speaker, Educator and Gina Women’s Empowerment Coach who is compelled to help women overcome narcissistic abuse and claim their power to create the life of abundance and joy they deserve. Gina inspires and guides her clients to overcome their fears and take courageous action to create their best life and thrive. Visit Gina @ www.AWealthyLifeForYou.com

“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”