1) Tell us a little something about your book…
I made my literary debut with my book Awaken Your Inner Leader: Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive in the Fall of 2018.This book is the result of my life-long search to understand the many questions I had. Some of these questions 
included: What makes us whole? What breaks us down?What helps us stay in 
integrity? What drives our behaviour? What makes us good leaders, parents, and 
partners?I believe that a well-regulated nervous system in the human body is like a stable operating system in a computer; without it we cannot function efficiently. 
Additionally, it’s also a pre-requisite for self-leadership in every aspect of our lives; including our health, relationships, and our capacity to lead others.

2) When was your lightbulb moment?
Truthfully, this book lived inside for me years if not decades; albeit in a formless state. In the Fall of 2017, I decided to write a short e-book. However, as soon as I sat down outlining the book, I was flooded with stories of professionals I’ve worked with over the years, insights and wisdoms I’ve gained from their journeys, and a massive determination to create the full version printed book. Coincidentally, Awaken Your Inner Leader ends with a beautiful quote from the last note of a local teen who took his life in June 2018. I felt it was important to take those words of wisdom and love to our hearts. It’s time to unlock our inner power and create a better world.

3) Three words of advice…
Create communities and collaborate. Humans are wired to thrive in the presence of connection and a felt sense of safety.Nurture your self-leadership. In order to be a leader, you need to be a self-leader, first. Practice trusting your gut. It will guide you to your truth.


Create… Nurture… Practice

Edita Atteck is an author, coach, and speaker helping professionals to claim their inner power through guiding them to maintain mental, emotional, and physical health, resilience, and to build healthier communities both at work and at home. She is the author of Awaken Your Inner Leader: Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive. Visit Edita @ www.editaatteck.com


“May your legacy create a footprint of success
for the next person who steps into your shoes”