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Share Your Story… Retailer, Entrepreneur, Nicole Salameh

  1) Tell us a little something about your business… FLOW by nicole is a women’s contemporary fashion boutique. A thoughtfully curated collection of designer brands from across the globe. Nestled in the small community of Ancaster, FLOW by nicole provides a first in class shopping experience with a friendly non-intimidating boutique environment. With over […]

Share Your Story; Blog Host

Have your ever had a “really” good idea? Every international company starts out as an incubator business.  Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor with a support network that inspires them to be the best they can be and every business mogul started in the trenches with a great idea! “Share Your Story” is part […]

Share Your Story… Drink Raiz
 Founder, Sofia da Silva

  1)   Tell us a little something about Raiz… Raiz supplies a line of healthy, coffee-alternative drinks made with adaptogens (superfoods) that provide natural energy and immune-boosting properties. The ingredients we use, such as matcha, moringa, turmeric and chaga mushrooms are all nutritional powerhouses and won’t leave you with the dreaded 3pm crash. After […]

NEAT = Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Do you maximize your daily activities to burn calories effectively? This is not a new theory; we are all aware that we burn calories with simple day to day movements. Even when we sleep! There are many options to boost our efforts throughout the day and here are few suggestions that are easy to implement: […]

Serendipity…Are you living your authentic life?

I recently visited an Iridologist; someone who is trained to look at your eyes and tell you a little about your health and wellness. It was a interesting experience, as I now understand that there are a few tweaks to my daily routine that with patience, will ultimately improve my overall health. One of the […]

Are you suffering from CCD?

There is a new trend and it relates to work/life balance. Compulsive Career Disorder. Are you suffering from CCD? The recent July/August addition of Women’s Health is providing information on the topic including a quiz. The article is written by Gretchen Voes who shares her story on the warning signs we all face if we […]

“Game Changers” – Harvard Law School

In the last month; every magazine article I have read has discussed individuals sharing life altering experiences. The things in life that have such an enormous impact that they change your perspective; FOREVER. I realized that I am no exception and have reached a stage in life where I am questioning the next chapter or […]