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Mentorship…Sharing Stories to Inspire Great Ideas

A personal note…. As we begin another year of lightbulb moments; I wanted to express my gratitude to those who have taken the leap of faith to share their stories with me so that we may inspire each other with great ideas. When I first began my entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago, there were […]

The Happiness Factor…
 3 Traits that Create Smiles

Have you seen the list of new movies coming out this season? There are a number that focus on a feel good experience that will have us leaving the theatre with a smile. Mary Poppins comes to mind and I remember it was my first movie. I was about 5 years old, going to the […]


It is inspiring to note, there is a movement that has occurred in recent years that supports mentorship between accomplished businessmen and new/emerging female leaders. When I first began my entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago, there were very few role models from women for women in business. Inspiration was gained through a willingness to […]

Getting to “Yes”

In recent months, I have found myself in conversations with business leaders about getting to “Yes.” There seems to be an increased number of people regardless of industry that are in discussions that include “no, no thank you,” “not right now,” or “maybe in a few weeks/months.” Often, it is not related to a sale […]

It’s a New Year!

Today is my birthday…combine that with the end of summer, back to school and you have what I call my “personal new year.” I’ve just finished a 21 day challenge to recalibrate my personal and professional goals with all of the changes required for the next quarter. I think I’m ready for a great fall […]

A 21 Day Challenge…

Have you ever decided to participate in a 21 day challenge?  You know, the hard core commitment to make a change in your life!  There are so many different types of transformation: eat healthier, commit to a new exercise routine, disconnect from technology, start a new career…all with good intensions and a focus on our […]

What is Your Passion Project?

In the last few months I have had the pleasure of participating in three different podcasts with the same objective…”sharing stories.”  I’ve been told, as an author, a podcast is another form of connecting with readers who not only have a love of books but enjoy “listening” to the “voice” behind the story.  The conversation […]

Ask Yourself the Question: “Why?”

At a certain stage in life we continually ask the question “Why?” For those of you who have young children you know exactly what I mean. We seem to repeat the same question over and over when we are interested in learning something new or searching for an answer. It is as if when we […]