“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change.”  Trish Tonaj


Let me introduce you to the Mechanics of  FLOW and a few practical tools for your wealth and wellbeing. Click below to complete your self-assessment on FLOW.

EQ Certified

Internationally recognized for developing leaders, shaping organizational culture and impacting performance.  Complete an on-line assessment for your personal EQ report!

Health & Wellness Coach & Mentor

Create a plan, evaluate the outcome and deliver results…enhance your performance with practical tools for wealth and wellbeing.

Keynote Speaking

Share stories from 10 entrepreneurs, engage audiences with 3 words of advice and keep it real by starting a conversation on mentorship at your next conference or special event.  Breaking Barriers…

Sharing Stories… an unsolicited review:

“Trish Tonaj has done a fantastic job bringing together women running all kinds of businesses from Health and Wellness, Marketing, Hospitality MLM, Fashion and even the funeral industry. No matter what industry you are in I am sure you will benefit from the advice they share.”

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